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Raise your hand if you have at least one fidget spinner in your house.

Keep 'em up if you have more than 3….

Yeah, us too. I think we at least count were up to 8. Why we would need 8, when my kids have only 2 hands each, is beyond me. Yet they keep asking for them. (Trust me, we didn't buy all 8)

And do you ever actually SEE your kids playing with them? I certainly don't.

Last summer's trendy toy is now just a collector's item – collecting dust that is.


You know what though? We don't have to sit idly by while these annoying little contraptions do nothing for us. Instead, put them to good use.


My kids and I came up with this Fidget Spinner Moves sheet that is actually loads of fun, uses the fidget spinner(s) and gets everyone moving. It's a great thing to use when the weather starts to turn chilly and your housebound kids start to whine that they have nothing to do. (Don't even get me started on that, oh kids stuck in a house filled with STUFF).

First, download and print the free Fidget Spinner Moves worksheet. (click the picture below)

Use a fidget spinner to get your kids moving with this free printable Fidget Spinner Moves worksheet

Then, pick one or a few activities from the sheet to do. Put the fidget spinner flat on a table and give it a spin – and then do that activity (or activities) until it stops. I say activities because some of these would be difficult to do for the 2+ minutes some of these spinners can go. So maybe say you'll rotate through the first 3 until it stops, etc.


We made a video demonstrating each of the moves too since some of them, like mountain climbers, might not be familiar to you.

Can't see the video? Watch Fun Kid Activity using Fidget Spinners (gets them to MOVE)

Trust me though, this is a fun activity to do with your kids (or to do while you sit and read a book and eat chocolates while THEY do it…).

Everyone gets some exercise/movement, the kids get their jiggles out while having fun, and it uses a toy they HAAAAAD to have.

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Fun activities for kids using fidget spinners for movement - this post includes a free printable Fidget Spinner Moves worksheet that give suggestions for lots of moves kids can do while they spin. Also included is a demonstration video so you know how to do each move. Get exercise, shake the boredom, and have fun on those days when the children are stuck indoors! #kidactivities #childrenactivities #activitiesforkids #FunForKids

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