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Move over meditation, making pretty friendship bracelets can be very meditative and a great source of stress relief too! Here's how to make them.

I know, I know, I sound like a broken record when I talk about how much stress plays a part in our health, but it's so true!! I really think it is as important as nutritious food when it comes to keeping us (or preventing us) from being healthy. I mean, I obviously feel passionate about it since I wrote a book about a ton of ways to relax (which you can get here for only $10

So a few months ago I stumbled upon a new thing that blew my mind on how relaxing it was. My 6 year old son was searching for things he could make that he could sell to buy some legos and I remembered making friendship bracelets as a kid, so I figured “let's try this out”. I have embroidery thread already in my craft arsenal, and we fired up a few YouTube videos to learn the technique, and after a few failed attempts, I was on my way to finding my inner-tween. What I did not expect was the immense amount of stress relief it seemed to bring with it. I sometimes define “relaxing” to me as when I start drooling all over myself, and this was one of those drool-worthy moments. ha! 

Unconventional Stress Relief technique - meditate by making friendship bracelets. Includes how-to video.

If you knit or crochet, or even just craft in general, you are probably familiar with the feeling of completely just tuning out everything and letting your fingers do the work – just letting your mind go into stream-of-consciousness mode and yeah, for me my jaw starts to hang slack and the next thing I know I have a pool of spit all down my shirt. Attractive, yes? 

The best part of these kinds of alternative meditative practices is that not only do you get the loosening effects, but you also get a cute accessory to wear or give someone as a gift. And giving gifts is another way we can extend our happiness, and by extension, our stress-relief, so it's like a super win-win. 

Unconventional Stress Relief technique - meditate by making friendship bracelets. Includes how-to video.

I have included a how-to video below on how to make this chevron friendship bracelet (above). It's one of my no-speaking DIY videos, so no need for sound unless you want to listen to the peppy music 🙂 

Literally the only things you really need for this project is some embroidery thread, tape or clipboard, and a button (these wood ones would be super cute and versatile, but any spare button you have lying around would do). Super inexpensive and fun at the same time (probably why it's a favorite project of the 16 and under set). 

Please send me pics (or on Instagram tag me at @thrivingautoimmune) so I can see what you make! I love seeing the different color combos and creativity people use. You can try mixing things up – like I did in the first pic above where I made a half bracelet and then put a chain on it and there are so many other creative ideas out there in the interwebs. 

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Unconventional Stress Relief technique - meditate by making friendship bracelets. Includes how-to video.

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