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Have you heard of the Simply AIP Subscription Box? It's pretty cool! Plus I share what I ate on AIP (Autoimmune Paleo Protocol for Days 10-11). This is part of my What I ate on AIP series where I'm detailing everything I eat, how I feel, etc throughout my time on this healing diet 


Simply AIP Subscription Box Review

I received a Simply AIP Subscription box for free to review and I have to say I was impressed.

I wasn't so sure what to expect, but when I received it, it was like Christmas Day! A box full of stuff I CAN EAT! Whoo hoo!

The items were all high quality, some I'd never heard of before (which was a big plus for me since I love finding out about new AIP-compliant products) and some I have had before and loved.

If you want to see the full review and what I actually got, watch the video below (it's under 5 min this time so pretty short)

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I went fishing with my kids – by myself. All day.

This wouldn't have been even a POSSIBILITY back before I did AIP the first time in 2014 since I had no energy at all to stand up, much less tend to kids' fishing needs all day.

In between 2014 and late 2017 I had plenty of energy and no problems doing something all day like this, but in the last few months I've noticed that starting to become a problem once more. Again, I'm doing this AIP since I'm suffering from a major Hashimoto's flare that was self-induced from going off my regular long-term Paleo diet onto just a gluten-free one full of grains that just don't seem to work for me. Apparently NOT a good idea for me, eh?

But my win was that I was once again able to do this fishing all day, standing all day, moving all day, having fun all day thing yet again. That's exciting and a good glimmer of hope for the future!

What I Ate VLOG for Days 10-11:

In this video, I share what I ate on days 10-11, including dinner from day 9. I’ve also included links to any relevant recipes I used as well as one of my favorite cookbooks for the AIP diet.


The AIP Recipes I made:

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Dinner day 9

(See the rest of Day 9 in this post)

pork chops grilled with Primal Palate Garlic & Herb seasoning and grilled sweet potato wedges

Day 10-

Breakfast – Roasted brussels sprouts, apple, and sweet potato (cut into small pieces and tossed with melted bacon fat and then roasted in the oven for 25 min at 425 F), with fresh blueberries, strawberries, and 2 pieces of sugar-free US Wellness Bacon

Lunch – leftover pork chops and sweet potato wedges over arugula and served with sliced radishes and Avocado Mayo from the Healing Kitchen Cookbook

Dinner: AIP Meatza and No-Mato Sauce by Comfort Bites 

Day 11 –

Breakfast – Beet and Fennel Soup from the Autoimmune Paleo cookbook:
2 slices US Wellness sugar-free bacon
AIP English Muffins  (I didn't have applesauce so I used 2 tbs of mashed ripe banana instead and it worked well)
Honey & Cinnamon Tigernut Butter by Roots

Lunch: Rollups using the crepe recipe in the SImple French Paleo cookbook, True Story Turkey, Applegate Farms Prosciutto, a fig jam (3 dried figs and 3 dried apricots put into a small saucepan with hot water to cover. Then about 30 min later I mashed the fruit and put it over a medium-high flame until the water was evaporated and the mixture was broken down into jam ), and fresh arugula.
AIP Carob Chip Cookies and Jackson's Honest Sweet Potato Chips

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