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 See what I ate in a day on my gluten-free and Paleo diet plus how I live a healthy lifestyle

I am starting a little experiment here – I made a vlog (basically a video blog) this past week that shows you what I ate in one day plus some of the lifestyle things I do each day to maintain my health. It sometimes is quite helpful to see what others do to get ideas of things you can eat/do in your own life, but also just to feel a sense of camaraderie when you might be one of the only ones around you eating a gluten-free and/or Paleo diet. So come catch a glimpse of my life!

Please do me a favor though – if you watch this please let me know what you think. I am looking for honest feedback here. Too long? Too boring? Awesome content? Helpful? Don't hold back – these videos are meant to help YOU, and I want to know what will help you. Trust me, following myself around with a video camera is not my idea of a fantastic time and I'm still embarrassed to do it in any public setting, but if you think this sort of thing can help you, I'll do it!

Oh, and my thoughts are that this one is more of an “introductory, get to know me” vlog, and if I continue I'll probably add more tips/address a certain topic and show me cooking instead of just showing you my lifestyle habits. Mainly because I'm kind of a creature of habit and showing you the same thing day after day would get boring. Only so many times you can watch me walking the dog (no matter how cute he is!).

So please please let me know what you think!! More of this? Or no way, no how, stick with the recipes lady? If you like them – please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you'll get notified when I put up more!

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