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Do you remember when you were a kid and you drew a picture or made some small trinket for your parents and you were SO proud to give them that gift?

Your little body would be shaking with anticipation of their reaction and you'd feel a certain feeling of satisfaction when they oohed and aahed all over it. Sometimes you might not have even made it to the occasion you were gifting for because you just couldn't wait!!

Well, as an adult, handing your loved ones a stick figure picture or an bracelet made out of large, colorful plastic beads and pipe cleaners might not elicit the same reaction. More like strange looks and maybe a step back or two…

Pipecleaner bracelet
I love my pipecleaner bracelet from my son 🙂

However, making your own gifts CAN still be a fun and satisfying experience – for both you and your recipients. You just need to know what to make!

In previous years I've shared some food gifts, like a pre-made Paleo hot chocolate mix and a Whipped Cinnamon Honey Almond Butter. This year though I actually have been doing an entire 12 Days of DIY Gifts and so I've got tons of ideas.

If DIY handmade gifting is something you are interested in, check out my new ebook + labels featuring 16 different homemade gift ideas WITH corresponding printable labels and/or gift tags to make gifting SUPER easy.

DIY Beauty Gifts book and labels

One of the gifts I share in that book is this Candy Cane Sugar Scrub. It's only 3 ingredients and like, so easy to make a child could do it. I know this because my kids have made this.

Candy Cane Hand and Body Scrub DIY Handmade Gift Idea


The product is something that anyone with skin can use – man, woman, it doesn't matter. Chances are, if ya got skin, you get dry flaky skin every so often and this will help get rid of that. Use it in the shower all over or just on your hands by the kitchen sink.

All you need to do to use it is take a small amount into your hands and rub gently on the skin you want to make baby butt smooth.

Candy Cane Hand and Body Scrub DIY Handmade Gift Idea

And to make it?

It's literally, mix the three ingredients together and put into a container for gifting.

Candy Cane Hand and Body Scrub DIY Handmade Gift Idea

I personally like using the small glass Ball jam jars (half-pint). You can get them in most grocery stores these days, as well as Target, Wal-mart, etc.


Slap one of these free printable labels below that I've designed onto the jar, wrap the jar in some jute or kitchen string, find a candy cane, and cut a small piece of juniper or fir tree at the bus stop when waiting for your kid's bus to appear. (er, um, or off your Christmas tree?).

Click the picture below to download both of the labels –  one is a holiday-themed one, and one is a pretty one that actually fits in with the other labels from my DIY Beauty Book. Print them on 8.5 x 11 inch sticker paper (this is the one I use). This is a .zip file and also includes a recipe for making several batches of this scrub at once.

Candy cane hand and body scrub diy gift labels

The Candy Cane Scrub Recipe

Paleo pre-made hot chocolate mix
whipped cinnamon honey almond butter
Paleo gluten-free MOLASSES COOKIES recipe
Candy Cane Sugar Scrub DIY Gift Homemade Idea- great for teachers, neighbors, hostess gifts, friends, or family! If you want to make a homemade Christmas gift, it doesn't get much easier than this! I even provide free printable labels to make your gift look classy and chic. #homemadegiftideas #homemadeChristmasgifts #diygifts #giftideas

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