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Instant Pot Week

Have you had that Instant Pot pressure cooker for a while now but are a little intimidated by it? Maybe you've made a few things, or maybe you aren't even sure how to get the lid on (trust us, we've been there).

Or maybe you've been thinking about getting one but aren't sure it lives up to the hype?

Join us for our free 7-day Instant Pot week where we will show you everything from the basics to making delicious meals for your family.


When is it?

We start Sunday, Feb 4th (don't worry, it's well before the Super Bowl starts), and then we go for 7 days until Saturday, Feb 10th


Who's teaching this?

Kristen from a Mind “Full” Mom & Michele from Thriving On Paleo will be your guides.


Teachers for Instant Pot Week

What will you learn?

Feb 4: Instant Pot 101 – how to use your Instant Pot (including how to get that pesky lid on, clean it, and use the various functions)

Feb 5: Instant Pot Chicken – how to make whole chicken, chicken breasts, and chicken bone broth/chicken stock

Feb 6: Cooking potatoes in the Instant Pot (did you know cooking white vs sweet is totally a different process?) and quickly cooking mashed cauliflower as a potato alternative

Feb 7: Cooking frozen ground beef in the Instant Pot and a dairy-free (and Paleo) Beef Stroganoff recipe

Feb 8: Making yogurt in the Instant Pot – both a dairy version and a non-dairy coconut milk version

Feb 9: Building massive flavor in minutes in your Instant Pot. How to make a flavorful chili and an Indian dish

Feb 10: Desserts in the Instant Pot! Yes, this amazing kitchen appliance can help satisfy your sweet tooth too


What's the format of Instant Pot Week?

Each day we will each be getting on Facebook Live and teaching you all you need to know to use your Instant Pot effectively.

Then each day we'll send an email with any recipes we might be sharing or other goodies we want you to have. These emails will also have links to the replays of both daily Facebook Lives (links will be to Facebook and also to YouTube in case you aren't on Facebook).


What if I've got questions?

If you have questions, you can always ask them! Either join us on a Facebook Live and ask them there, or reply to any of our emails.


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